• Opportunities to give support

    • Individuals, and groups may donate either for specific needs, or “as needed”

    Donations by Check to: LIVING WATER FOR KENYA, INC.

    Mail to       Living Water For Kenya, Inc.

    37273 Westridge Ave, Palm Desert, CA 92211

    Donations through the Website    Follow instructions on website.

    • Corporate Grants are put to their designated use.


    We have no staff and our overhead is minimal. What you give goes directly to identified needs. Our overhead expenses include, but are not limited to:

    • Website Support
    • Skype (The least cost available means of communicating with the cell phones of our Kenyan associates.)
    • The cost of wiring money.
    • Postage
    • Bank fees and charges
    • Travel expenses associated with monitoring progress of the work.


    Opportunities to serve

    • We have limited opportunities for supporters to join and serve with us on a trip to Kenya
    • Kenya is on the other side of the world
      • During Standard Time, the time difference from A. is 11 hours. (When it is noon in L.A., it is 11 PM in Kenya.)
      • During Daylight Savings Time, the time difference from A. is 10 hours.
    • Typically, our trips to Kenya last about three week
    • A copy of the proposed itinerary will be provided upon request.
    • No two days are alike; Our companions have a wide variety of experiences.
    • Depending on city of departure, it can take up to 24 hours from the time you leave your home airport to time of arrival in Nairobi, Kenya.
      • Wherever you start from, we ask that you meet up with us in Amsterdam, so that we may all arrive in Nairobi on the same flight.
      • We usually arrive in Kenya at night and stay the first night in Nairobi (at a new Hilton hotel).
    • While in Kenya, visitors are usually asked, according to their skills and comfort level, to participate, one way or another (teach a lesson, share in a church service, etc.). Even if you are just “tagging along”, we keep you        
    • The next morning our trusted driver picks us up and we drive 9 hours to Kakamega (we have a couple of rest stops built into the drive).
    • Upon leaving Kakamega after our work there is done, we are all tired. On the way back to Nairobi, we set aside two days at one or more Kenyan Animal Preserves for a wild animal photo safari.
    • For our first fight on the way back to the U.S., we will be together. After Amsterdam, the travelers’ flights depend on their ultimate destinations. Again, count on 24- hours of air travel to get home.

Thank you for your support


Preschools and The Blessed to Bless Academy

Preschools   We are currently associated with six preschools that serve over 300 children. They are:  Blessed to Bless Preschool God’s Children Preschool Mama Elaina Preschool, Mary Christie Preschool, Mercy Preschool, and Shibuli Satellite Preschool.    At home...

A Nonprofit 501(c)(3)

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