We are currently associated with six preschools that serve over 300 children. They are:  Blessed to Bless Preschool God’s Children Preschool Mama Elaina Preschool, Mary Christie Preschool, Mercy Preschool, and Shibuli Satellite Preschool.


 At home the children speak their birth language Luhya. At preschool, they begin to learn two other languages:  Swahili (Kenya’s common language) andEnglish (Kenya’s business language)  Preschool is free to the children. Living Water For Kenya provides their lunch.  For some of the children, this is  the only meal they get that day.


Blessed to Bless Academy

  • The Academy is a grade 1-8 Elementary/Junior High facility that was first opened in 2013.and completed in 2018.
  • Kenya, Public School at this level is free to those that can afford to pay for the books, uniforms, school supplies, testing fees, lunches, etc. Public school classes are very large and teaching supplies extremely limited.
  • We were finding children as old as 9 years that were attending our preschools for the free meal. Their families could not afford to pay the required costs of public school.
  • It is our goal to provide a good education at an affordable cost, and to provide sponsors for the children whose families cannot pay.
  • Out of 200+ children that now attend Blessed to Bless Academy, we have sponsors that cover the cost of 60 of the neediest.
  • Academy Sponsorship currently costs $270 per year. That cost includes two sets of uniforms, two pair of shoes, one meal a day, schoolbooks, supplies,   testing, and the child’s education.
  • Blessed to Bless Academy is very highly rated nationally and ranks well regionally.
  • High School in Kenya is not free. All graduating students must pass a national exam. The government rewards those that pass with high scores by paying half the cost of their High School fees.
  • Because of their high scores on the national exam, most of Blessed to    Bless Academy’s 2018 graduates received government scholarships.
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