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Living Water for Kenya

OUR MISSION  To  provide people in Western Kenya with humanitarian, educational, spiritual, and leadership assistance. To work with a variety of groups, schools, churches, and Kenyan recognized non profit organizations.  In the name of JESUS CHRIST we are called to help people, in Western Kenya in a number of significant ways.

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Our Story

Backgrounds of David and Eleanor Hansen

A number of years ago a couple visited David and Eleanor Hansen’s church and shared how they were able to serve the LORD in their retirement by using the skills that they had gained in their careers. Although Dave and Eleanor  would not be in a position of retiring for many years, that couple’s message left a long lasting impression on  them. Now that they are retired,  they’ve chosen to use their skills to serve the LORD in a “part-time” ministry in Kenya, East Africa. It is their desire that by sharing this message with you, they might develop your support and trust and encourage other Christians as well to find a way to serve the LORD in their retirements. 


David Hansen is a retired civil engineer; his wife, Eleanor, is a retired teacher.  Over the years they have participated in an international Christian family camp organization called CFO (Camps Farthest Out). It is unusual for CFO to have speakers from overseas.  However,  in 1995,  one of the speakers was a gentleman from Kenya, who was both a Member of the Kenyan Parliament and a Pastor. After that camp he stayed with David and Eleanor before returning to Kenya. While he was with them, he learned of David’s  work in the field of water supply. As their Kenyan guest left, he turned to David and said, “When you come to Kenya, we need to have you help bring safe water to our people … we can lose a whole village to contaminated water.”  Ten years later, in 2005, CFO had an international meeting in Kenya. Eleanor and David looked at each other and said, “If God wants us to help in Kenya, perhaps we should go there and check it out.”  That was their first trip to Kenya.  During that trip they decided that there was a need they could meet, and they thought that they were up to the challenges . Subsequently, their ministries in Kenya developed; and in September 2016, David and Eleanor completed their 15th mission trip to Kenya.


Water For Kenya – The Initial Years


The Hansen’s initial intent was to make one or two trips to Kenya to meet a particular need. For such a short commitment, they saw no reason to establish a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization. Instead, they worked under the name “Water For Kenya” through a local church, so that people wishing to support their work would have the benefit of their donations being tax-deductible.


While the Hansen’s stated purpose for going to Kenya related to water, Eleanor felt that as long as she would be joining David in going to Kenya, she, also,  wanted to be able to serve the Lord.  She chose to use her skills and teach the Bible to the ladies in Kenya.


Initially, 300 women would come each day (having walked up to two hours to get there) to attend a three-day Bible seminar led by Eleanor. The women were open and eager to hear God’s message.  Currently, both men and women attend Eleanor’s seminars, which usually last two days.  Among the 150 people that attend, 30 – 40 of them are pastors.


Living Water For Kenya, Inc.

In 2018,  Pastor H. B. London, along with others, convinced David that this ministry  should be reformed as a 501(c)3. David had been resisting taking that action, but has since learned to appreciate how wise that advice was.

What We Do

Living Water For Kenya (LWFK) is a 501(c)(3) that works in Western Kenya with Kenyan government recognized non-profit organizations.  Over the years LWFK’s predecessor (Water For Kenya) was responsible for drilling, or restoring, several hundred  water wells. Recently LWFK’s focus has been  towards educating and skill training; however, we are still involved in the drilling of water wells. Living Water For Kenya and its predecessor, Water For Kenya, have built a grade 1-8 school that serves 250 children, six preschools that serve over 300 children, and one church. We are, also,  working with several churches near Kakamega, Kenya. LWFK’s programs  include working with widows, teaching ladies tailoring skills for making clothing, and teaching both literacy and the Bible to adults.

A Nonprofit 501(c)(3)

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